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Our Wish List…

UPDATED 06-June-2013

Thanks to all of you who have sent us so much stuff.  We are now only 4 months from our End of Service.  Therefore we kindly ask that you do not send any more boxes of goodies to us at this point.  The guilt of the shipping costs has finally outweighed our lust for fun boxes of much missed indulgences!  We salute all of you who have supported us so faithfully in our time of need and believe us that we have more enjoyed the items that we have received than you can ever imagine!   Hopefully we can thank you all in person in just 4 short months!  Love, US!

UPDATED 14-January-2013

Thanks to all who actually READ this page and sent us so much GREAT STUFF!  Our Wish List is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to all you great supports!  We will never forget your kindness!

UPDATED 12-December-2012

If anyone sends us a box and does not hear from us with a “Thank YOU!”  within about 4 weeks, PLEASE let us know!  We think we are getting all our boxes but its hard to know about the ones we might not be!

UPDATED 20 October-2012

Please note that we never want anything better than Target name brand unless specially stated.  Also – used items, including things you were going to give to the good will work great here. So if you have an extra or an old of anything on the list please send us the old used stuff and buy yourself something new.

Please make any food items fat-free or low cal if possible – there is no such thing here.

When mailing you can take things out of the wrapper to make a lighter package.  But if the item can leak in any way what so ever please put it in a sealed plastic bag.

We know the cost of shipping is crazy so if you want to send something but don’t have an extra $100 lying around please consider sending pictures and or a DVD of a cool movie instead of a big box. WE LOVE GETTING MOVIES ! We don’t have a TV so a movie on the computer is quite a treat. We also enjoy getting ANY current media such as newspapers or magazines – anything from People/OK to Time/The Economist.   We would also love to get pictures from home.  You can print on regular paper.  Sending an envelope is about $15 instead of $65.

  HIGH DEMAND ITEMS!  (In priority order)

  • Silicone ice trays
  • Crystal Light or any sugar free drink mixes
  • Large Rubber bands
  • Soccer balls, not expensive ones. we have a good pump already
  • Any movies – we LOVE movies 
Regular Demand Items:  (Newest Items at the top)
  • Pantene Hair Conditioner for fine hair
  • Any 100 calorie snack packs
  • Children’s school/craft supplies, such as  coloring books, drawing pads, colored pens,  puzzles, other crafts and things that kids would use in school.
  • Books for teenagers would be great!  My school library is so very lacking. Novels would be helpful but they also need any kind of book that is educational. 
  • Yard Games for Kids:  like a Frisbees,  ring toss, bean bags, yo-yo, matchbox cars, hacky sac, deflated soccer balls  and other shippable yard games for children and teens.
  • Doggie treats and flee collars
  • Airplane bottles of liquor to fill the spaces in the box you are sending.    Tequila, Bailey’s, Vodka, Crown Royal, Chivas, or Revel Stoke.  (Margarita mix is also desired)
  • Ritz or other high-end crackers!

When mailing please add our phone numbers (76744160 and 76744115) to the package .  Also please include both our names so we can both pick up the package. 

John Ratkovich and Carol Reckamp
(Tiroyaone and Gofaone)
Kwena Sereto CJSS
Private Bag 0018
Molepolole, Botswana
Call 767-44160 for pickup


Tiro (John Mark Ratkovich)
US Peace Corps
DAC Office #DA3
Private Bag 0048
Molepolole, Botswana
Call 767-44-160 for pickup

If you want you can download and print a mailing address here:Mailing Label

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