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December 12, 2011 – Maps and phone and Cooking – oh my! – by Carol

Posted by on December 13, 2011

Now I know where they are:  Tiro/John made me the coolest map ever.  I have not been able to find a good map of Botswana.  I still don’t have a good grasp on the regions and/or where my new PCV/friends live.  John stayed up late one night and drew the map below.  He included all the game reserves, main road, big cities, and districts.  Then looked-up each tiny little village on Google Earth (about 10 minute wait per request) and added the homes of all the PCV people I know!  He is the greatest mmonna wame/husband ever! – I now call this “my love map”.

 Maybe they do like me (at least some of them):  Last night we had dinner at a friend’s house.  After dinner we walked a quarter mile to the main road and then caught a cab that dropped us a half mile from our house.  Luckily one of the teachers saw us walking and gave us a lift home.  Several hours later I realized I lost my phone somewhere between my friends house and home.  I called my phone several times with no answer – then it started going right to voice mail.  I knew that was the moment someone “stole” the phone and took my SIM card out.  I didn’t sleep all night – our cell phones are our only communication and without them we are hopeless lost!    Also, they are not easily replaced.  This morning the teacher who gave us a lift home dropped my phone off at my house!  I had dropped it in his car!  I’m always so happy when I find out someone may like me – or at least does not want me to suffer and it’s fun to see good people are everywhere!


Little boys learn to cook:  I decided we could take a break from writing if the boys would agree to learn how to bake so they could help their wives when they grow up.  They giggled and giggled as much about “helping their wives” as the thought of being married one day.  Then they figured I would let them stay a little longer if they agreed to bake cookies.  We made sugar cookies and gingersnaps.  The gingersnaps were a disaster as one little boy put in a half cup of salt instead of a half teaspoon – but they wanted to take the cookies home anyway they were so proud of themselves.  In additions to teaching them how to be good family men I worked in some math too!

 Later that day the little boys’ big brothers came over and asked if they could have cooking lessons too!  While on break from school I will be holding a “boys only” cooking class each Monday!

Bonus:  And I got the laundry done in my new washer today too!  Mmonna wame (husband) brought it home as a surprise the other day!

 Another good day under the African sky!

 Notes about Packages: 

 We have not received any packages since we got to our new home.  I know mom, dad, Amy and Aaron have sent packages.  A few other people have said either they did or they would.  When or if you mail a package please send me or Tiro (John) an email including the date and address you sent the package and if possible a tracking number.  Please keep track of the contents and when we get the package we will confirm we received the whole thing with you (I don’t want to ruin the ridiculous fun 5-year-old-child Christmas present anticipation we get from the package by know the content ahead of time).    We do not have a solid mail system, and with school out and empty for the next month, I want to try and track down any packages we should be looking for.

 See “Contact Us” tab of blog to get proper address.

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