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January 16, 2012 – School has started and now I have more work than I know what to do about – by Carol

Posted by on January 16, 2012

School:  While it wasn’t great arriving at the school the last two weeks before the summer break, it is very nice to be here for the beginning of the year.  I was happy to see that most of the windows and doors had been fixed at the school.  A great deal of the trash and litter was gone, but I was most grateful that all the goat and chicken crap had been scrapped out of the rooms.

The first week was mostly spent organizing classes and sorting out what teacher would teach what and which home room every student would have.  The first week the students mostly sat in classrooms with few teachers and little to do.  Although they all looked very nice in their clean new uniforms.

I am currently writing five grant proposals to request funding for a poster contest, a school newspaper, Girls Talk club, Substance Abuse workshops and building a guidance office.  The good and bad about all this – is I was given one week to do it.  So while it is going to be a crappy week – it will be over shortly.  And honestly, no one can have that high of expectations with the time given to work on these projects.

The teachers workshops project is still moving along and I am most excited about this project!  These teachers  have very few good thoughts about being teachers.  It doesn’t take very much conversation on my part saying things like “nothing is more important than being a teacher” or “the entire future of your county is being shaped by what you and your colleges are doing” – for them to be encouraged.


The Boys Cooking Gang

The Boys Cooking Gang

Boys Cook Group:  The group is going strong.  They didn’t want to stop when school started and it is hard to say no so many little begging boys.  I must admit I am often overwhelmed by the number of children that show up.  It is clear now, that they mostly are coming to get the food at the end of class – but I still make them read, do math, and lecture them about sharing in housework the whole time.  I just hope something is sinking in.
Momma Chicken hates that we keep grabbing her little babys

Momma Chicken hates that we keep grabbing her little babys

Chicken Update:  Two hens next door had little baby chicks and they are SOOOO cute with all their fuzz and their tiny little feathered wings.  I will adore the little things until they grow up to be nasty roosters and start crowing as though they are blowhorns at 4:00 AM.
Cute fuzzy little things!

Cute fuzzy little things!

The boys next door:  John has been mentoring all five boys that live next

Mpho's first construction Project
Mpho’s first construction Project

 door to us and they LOVE him.  They sit on the porch waiting for him to walk outside and they all shout, “What are you doing now!”  John usually has some jobs that would make all children in America cry or run away and these boys are so darn happy to help him, to have something to do and to learn something.  Very few of them have seen or used any tools before and they love borrowing his tools to do the new things he has taught them to do.  Below is the picture of the chicken coop gate Mpho built.  As soon as he got done he turned to John and said, “Isn’t it beautiful” and now we all think it is.

This will be our new garden

This will be our new garden

 The Garden:  Finally – we got to start on the garden!  John asked the boys to help put up the fence and dig the dirt.  I planted seeds about two weeks ago and we will put them in the ground as soon as we get chicken wire to fence it in.











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