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Posting 16-Dec-2011 Update wish list. Again! – by John

Posted by on December 17, 2011

WOW!   We thought Christmas was gonna be quite quiet and simple this year, but as of today’s first trip to the local Post Office, looks like it will be a bit more exciting!  Exciting to the tune of rich macaroni and cheese, smoked oysters, real M&Ms, Christmas decorations including a miniature Christmas Tree, new shirts, pants, shirts, socks, real brown sugar,  peeler, knife sharpener, medication, scratch pads, Fantastik, children arts supplies, scotch tape, duct tape, pens & pencils tools, tuna, sheets, a lighter, fly swatters and tons of great food! Food from America, with all its processed sugar, salts, and artificial flavoring!  I never knew how much I liked that stuff.  6 new boxes!  We are overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness and love, again!  What can we say!  Except of course THANK-YOU!!!  Rick and Karyl, Joyce and Bill, and Angela!!!

 We are rushing to update our Wish List before we end up with 3 fly swatters, but even if we do, please rest well assured that your very good and much appreciated intentions will not go to waste! 

 We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the support and the items we ask for and especially the things you all throw in there that we didn’t think of but turns out we are really excited to have!  Like the tiny Christmas tree, mashed potatos, socks, and pizza dough mix.  We are so impressed!

 Rick and Karyl Reckamp, who are some of our biggest suppliers, have asked me to develop a system to let everyone know what is being sent so there is no duplications.  I see the sense in that, but it is so hard to get people on the same page with different ways of work, technologies and communication styles.  However, it order to avoid duplications of things we only need one time – if you let me know about those when you mail them I will do my best to take off the list as soon as possible. 

 Here’s some new information.   Our mails goes to the school works at and when the school is closed, items will just sit at the post office for up to 30 days after which, we have been told, they will be returned to sender.  So, to help everyone involved, we are asking that in  BIG BOLD LETTERS you please write our phone numbers and some an obvious way like:


767 44 115 – Gofaone

767 44 160 – Tiro


Please put both our names on the package so either one of us can pick up the package. 



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