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Worst day…Best day!

Posted by on February 6, 2012

OK, so it’s Superbowl Sunday, about 1 hour before game time (Chicago time) and I’ve had some great plans to meet up with some ex-pat pilot friends of mine in the nearest city on Monday (tomorrow my time) night and watch a re-run of the Superbowl at their house.  An hour or so ago I got a call that they had some car trouble and would not be able to make it back from South Africa in time for the game, Sorry.   Dang!  Worst Day!  Now what!

So, Carol and I scramble around on our mediocre internet frantically looking for online streaming of the game and where else it might be playing, and end up on several fake sites offering “free streaming” of the game.  We end up with several  dead ends and finally read the Huffington Post story about all the fake site offering free streaming of the game only to take your money and run.  Bitterly defeated.  The Bad Day goes on….

We finally concede the game watching, and do our first Skype with my mom and dad and that goes exceptionally well and we enjoy a good half hour of catching up, complete with a video tour of our house.  At the end of our session my dad comes up with a brilliant suggestion.  “If we can Skype so well with each other right now, why not set the Laptop up in front of the TV and let us watch it through Skype!”  Brilliant!  So, an hour later, he has mom’s Mac set up in front of his big screen TV and I am watching the pre-game show here in Africa!  WOW!  So cool!  Happy Again!  Best Day Starts!

But wait!  There’s more!  If I can watch the game on my PC here in Botswana, why not put it on my projector at home here and watch it in real life-size!  So,  I hook some cables and push some buttons and Voila!  Now we have life size football players on our wall and sound coming through the 2.1 surround sound  (not really surround) radio shack speakers!  This is awesome!   The Best Day continues….

So ,now it’s 3:30 am at half time and the Patriots just took the lead!  I’m hoping the Giant will win cause I have always loved that team, but really, I’m just more excited and appreciative of being able to watch my one and only American football game this year!

A Very Special Thanks to dad and all those at Frost for making this happen!  You’re all awesome!


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