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Peace Corps

Corporal Punishment

Before I post anything about Botswana law and culture in regards to corporal punishment I want to cover a few things I remember about the issue in America. America:  When I was in grade school ( 30 years ago) teachers were allowed to give children swats with a wooden paddles.   Many of us were afraid … Continue reading »

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Public Service Announcements – via Community Events – June 3, 2013 – by Carol

Day to Day Life Messages:  In America,  the best way to send a message, increase social awareness, or brand a concept/gadget is through mass media using television, radio, and newspapers with ancillary outputs on social media, posters/signs, motivational talks, school text books, pamphlets and web sites.  Of course a good celebrity spokesperson on the payroll … Continue reading »

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Cassie told me I would know I was overboard when I started buying them clothes – May 23, 2013 – By Carol

The Dogs Again!!!!:  As most of you know John and I adopted two dogs.  We got little Rati (means Lovey in Setswana) and fell so madly in love with her that we told her sisters owner we wanted little Phoenix (we shortened to FiFi) for a year – and she gave her to us.  I never loved … Continue reading »

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Books and Reading – April 17, 2013 – by Carol

Books:  Books and Reading are only starting to be valued in this culture.  This country is still young, and before it got its Independence in 1966 it was the second poorest country in the world.  There were very few schools and most people were illiterate. Only two generations later, school is compulsory for children until … Continue reading »

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Cape Town, South Africa – April, 2013

It is said that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world and it did not disappoint us. View of Cape Town from it’s surrounding Table Mountain The city is plenty beautiful in and of itself, but with the clear blue waters and the dramatic close up mountain ranges, it definitely qualifies as one of … Continue reading »

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Health Care – May 9, 2013 by Carol

Healthcare:  Health care in Botswana is very different than America.  (Although I admit I don’t know what is going on with National Health Care in the USA now).  In Botswana health care is free for everyone, which is exceptionally important in a country where 25 to 35 per cent of the population has infectious and … Continue reading »

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April 18, 2013 – The Hardest Part – by Carol

My Grandmother, who I love as much as any grandchild ever loved a grandma, died today. She just turned 93, and was failing, and really didn’t like living anymore.  We knew she was about to die for the last two weeks and my mother has been sitting with her as much as humanly possible. She … Continue reading »

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Another Miscellaneous Post

I couldn’t resist this fun picture of Roti after she swallowed a whole chicken!     Also, notice that we now have a link at the top of the site to our Video Gallery where you can download any of our videos for easier viewing!      

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John Kyle Comes to Africa!

John Kyle showed up at the Gaborone Airport on Monday, March 4th, 2013.  It was his first visit to southern Africa and our first visitor from the states.  He was staying with us for a week and we were going to show him a bit of our daily lives and how we are living over … Continue reading »

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JM in a dress

(Click any image to enlarge it)   Its been a long time since I have written any posts, so I feel compelled to write something.  This is partially due to a rather uneventful last couple months, but mostly due to Carol, as she tends to beat me to the story writing punch for anything that is … Continue reading »

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